Successful International Event Management

Have you ever had to manage an event from start to finish? If you have, I am sure you have your own recollection of how much of a complex juggling act it can be.  Now imagine doing this in a country which doesn’t speak your language, culturally operates in a different way and complies to a whole new set of rules and regulations.  Tricky hey….


Planning and delivering international events takes a lot of know how, good reputable contacts and a whole lot of research.  The Story Maker team have over 15 years experience working across the Globe and have honed their skills to become international event management experts.  To help ensure your overseas event is a success, we have shared our three golden rules which we follow when planning international projects. 


Rule 1 – Do your research


  • Understand the cultural considerations of the chosen destination.


  • Study the rules and regulations you must adhere to in order to work compliantly within the specific country/region.


  • Investigate specialist experts to help support you with areas which may not be your expertise.


  • Take time to forecast budgets based on the local economy, currency and exchange rates.  What may be affordable in the UK might be super expensive within the country you are working.


Rule 2 – Make friends with the locals 


  • Utilise destination experts, such as convention bureau’s, destination management companies and tourism offices. They will know more than Google can share!


  • Diarise a site visit early on in the process to meet potential overseas suppliers and local experts to get a good feel for the place for yourself.


Rule 3 – Respectfully go about your business 


  • Plan activity which is sensitive to the country you are working in.


  • Be mindful of the local community and the sustainable impact your event may have on it.


  • Support the local economy where possible when delivering your event.


Want to find out more?  If you are thinking of planning an overseas event, contact the Story Maker team who will happily guide you along the way!