Events For Breakfast

My name is Kelly Frew and I am the host of the Events For Breakfast Podcast. I’m the founder of Story Maker Events Ltd and a highly experienced events professional, within Corporate, International, Live, Virtual and Broadcast Events.


My podcast is your go to guide for advice, top tips and events industry insights for all event professionals, or anyone who has an interest in events. 


The podcasts are delivered in bite size chunks to help you to digest the information easily and expand your knowledge in all things events.


I am super passionate about the events industry and helping others achieve their goals.  If my podcast helps just one person level up and aspire to develop themselves into a better event expert then I will be one happy girl! 

Exploring a career in
Corporate events

Series 1, Episode 1.


Tune in for insightful hints and tips on building a successful career in Corporate Events.

The pivot to
Virtual events

Series 1, Episode 2.


Tune in to understand why pivoting to virtual is important during COVID-19 and for insightful hints and tips on how to plan a successful Virtual Event.

Exploring photography
With Paul David Smith

Series 1, Episode 3.


Paul David Smith is a Wedding, Event and Commercial Photographer based in Newquay, Cornwall.


Tune in for insightful hints and tips for anyone interested in learning about Photography. 

Paul David Smith Pic
Empowering Women
Through Mentorship

Series 1, Episode 4.


Fast Forward 15 Mentor, Kelly Frew in conversation with her new 2020 Mentee, Katharine Ayling.


They discuss what mentorship means to them and what they both hope to gain from the programme and working together.

Setting up a business
During Lockdown

Series 1, Episode 5.


An inspirational story of how Charli Briggs, Founder and Managing Director of Eventure set up her promotional staffing and event planning business during lockdown.

Charli Briggs
Venue finding with
Easy Tiger Events

Series 1, Episode 6.


Director of Easy Tiger Corporate Events, Sam Davies shares her expert venue knowledge in this very open and honest chat. We talk live events post lockdown, venue trends and much more!


Sam Davies
Finding a new job
During a Pandemic

Series 1, Episode 7.


I chat to expert Events and Conference Recruiter and owner of Albany Appointments, Lils Collingwood. She provides incredible insight and tips to help job seekers stand out in a crowd and secure that new dream job in events.


Lils Collingwood
Creative Event Technology
With Pete Harding

Series 1, Episode 8.


As Events Professionals across the Globe get to grips with Virtual and Hybrid Events, I chat to Pete Harding from Encore. He generously shares his exceptional knowledge and expertise in this area, as well as looking to the future of live event production.

Pete Harding
Building a Diverse And
Inclusive Events Industry

Series 1, Episode 9.


Ashanti Bentil-Dhue is the Co-Founder of Diversity Ally, who are on a mission to build a more diverse and inclusive events industry. 


Kelly and Ashanti have a frank conversation around how events professionals and businesses need to take action and become accountable for building a more welcoming and inclusive culture.   

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue
Leading an Events Team
Through Change

Series 1, Episode 10.


The Pandemic has hit the events industry hard and events professionals everywhere are navigating through change in both their work and personal lives.


Kelly shares her expertise and knowledge on showing up as a leader and supporting events teams through change.

Leading Events Teams Through Change
I’m an Events Graduate
Get Me Out Of Here

Series 1, Episode 11.


Kelly is joined by Naomi Hollas, Founder of the Event Grads Community. Naomi set the group up as a safe space for event graduates to share their experiences and learn from each other.


Naomi Hollas
Event Communication Planning 
Through a Crisis

Series 1, Episode 12.


How do you tackle planning event crisis communications?


Podcast host, Kelly shares her knowledge and many years event and communication experience on this subject.

Let the Music Play
With Adam Cable

Series 1, Episode 13.


Kelly chats to Adam Cable, Director of Communications at Artist Management Services Ltd.


With largescale events, weddings, gigs and concerts paused, artists and musicians across the Globe are struggling.


Kelly and Adam have a frank conversation about how artists are coping and what support is out there for them.

Adam Cable
My Mental Health
And Me

Series 1, Episode 14.


As part of World Mental Health Day, my Fast Forward 15 mentee, Katharine Ayling and I explore this sensitive and very real situation #eventprofs across the Globe are tackling on a daily basis. 


We are joined by two highly credible experts, Helen Moon from Eventwell and Alice Lyons from Dark Coffee.


Mental Health Support
With Eventwell

Series 1, Episode 15.


Kelly chats to Louise Warren about the amazing work Eventwell do. Eventwell are the events industry voice, championing mental health and wellbeing for events industry professionals.

Louise Warren
Let’s Talk

Series 1, Episode 16.


Kelly chats through a recent international virtual event she organised, involving 55 presenters across 3 continents, with attendees tuning in across the Globe.

The True Value
Of An Events Professional

Series 1, Episode 17.


Kelly is joined by events professional, Denise Mapp for an in-depth chat about the skills of an events professional.


They discuss how these skills are often undervalued and how individuals and companies can do more to promote these very special and much needed qualities.

Change What You Can
Accept What You Can’t

Series 1, Episode 18.


For the final episode of this season, Kelly reviews the good, the bad and the ugly from 2020.


She also explores the world of change and acceptance and how you can incorporate this into ensuring 2021 is the best it can personally be for you.

Season Two

Series 2, Trailer.


Kelly chats about what she has in store for Season 2 of the podcast and let’s you know how you can get involved.

The future
Of festivals

Series 2, Episode 1.


As live events continue to be paused, Kelly interviews Festival Director, Clare Goodchild to discuss the future of festivals.

Be Your Best Possible Self
A Guide To Personal Development 

Series 2, Episode 2.


Kelly chats to Freelance Events & Hospitality Manager, Narmeen Kamran on being your best possible self through personal development.


From personal well-being and setting goals, to dealing with failure. The ladies cover it all in this very honest and open chat!

The Psychology 
Of Events

Series 2, Episode 3.


Kelly chats to Victoria Matey, whose business, Matey Events specialise in exploring the strategic issues of business event management, incorporating both behavioural and cognitive aspects.


If you want to know how science can help you deliver more engaging and impactful events, then this is an episode for you!


Confessions of a
Business Owner

Series 2, Episode 4.


Kelly chats to Events Recruitment Specialist and Business Owner, Robert Kenward.


In this heartfelt interview, he shares his journey as a business owner and how the Pandemic has forced him to take action and re-invent his service offering.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows
The Lowdown

Series 2, Episode 5.


Kelly interviews Dan Assor, who is an experienced Event Director delivering largescale B2B technology shows. 


Looking to learn more about exhibitions and trade shows, then tune in to find out more.

The Digital Trip
Destination Marketing on Another Level

Series 2, Episode 6.


The Mice Guru’s Heidi Legein, talks all about The Digital Trip’ – the ultimate virtual destination experience which everybody is talking about! 


How to Find and Start
A New Job Virtually

Series 2, Episode 7.


Katharine Ayling shares her journey as well as hints and tips on how to navigate through searching for a new job during a Pandemic.


Our Crew
Revolutionising Health and Safety

Series 2, Episode 8.


Our Crew is an online crew management system which includes accreditation, H&S, crew catering and COVID management.


An Entreprenuers Guide to
Smashing Your Side Hustle

Series 2, Episode 9.


Kelly and Nicole Louise Geddes discuss side hustles, how to get started and most importantly, how to succeed and fly!


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