Creating the Christmas magic

The lights twinkle in time to the carols playing merrily in the background. The smell of mulled wine fills the air and the mince pies and festive fizz are prepped ready for your guests to arrive.   


As the Christmas celebrations commence, we can suddenly find ourselves taking on the event planner role. You may have been nominated to arrange your works drinks, your families annual Boxing Day quiz, or volunteered to organise your little one’s school Christmas fair.  You are now a fully-fledged event co-ordinator and we can help you!


Is it filling you with fear at the thought of guest list co-ordination, searching for the perfect venue, or setting the Secret Santa rules?  Don’t panic, our Story Maker team’s event planning rules will ensure you are ‘Rockin around the Christmas Tree’ all night long!


These super simple top tips will ensure you create an occasion even Scrooge would crack a smile for.


Know your audience 

  • The key to any event success is to ensure the activity is tailored to suit your guests.  Your choice of location, activity and how you communicate with your guests regarding the event all need to be relevant to the people who are attending.  Just because it works for you doesn’t mean your guests will love it too. 


Keep it simple

  • When planning an event, we can be tempted to over complicate things by adding extra layers which are unnecessary. Keep reminding yourself what the purpose of the event is and stay true to this throughout the process. Create the guest journey from the very beginning, right through to the end and focus on ensuring the experience is seamless. Strip out anything which doesn’t flow or feels clunky and over engineered.


Divide and conquer!

  • Event planners are extraordinary superheroes but even the very best know they cannot do everything themselves.  Lean on your tribe and use the community around you to support in any way they can. Stand out events are built by resourceful individuals who collaborate with like minded people.


Top Tip


Still need help? If you want to find out more about our event management services, contact one of the Story Maker team today!