The Pivot to Virtual Events

We are three months into Lockdown in the UK and the events industry has been shaken to the core by the impact of no live events for the foreseeable future.  It looks like virtual events are here to stay for a while at least.


With many events postponed or cancelled, it’s been a period of reflection and re-imagining for events professionals across the Globe.  It has been so inspirational to watch an industry which I love dearly find new ways to engage with their audiences and the pivot to virtual events is proving to be a real success.


What has been super exciting to see is the determination to keep events alive, with both attendees and organisers wanting to experience an event in this new world. People are craving connection and interaction and virtual online platforms are helping to bridge the gap left by face to face events being paused.


We, as event professionals have had to adapt quickly and learn new skills, meaning we are learning as we go and the journey is not always smooth. It’s not a secret that event experts like to be in control and crave perfection but we have all had to let go a little and except there will be mistakes as we make this transition.


So, now I have delivered a couple of virtual events over the last few months, I wanted to share my three top tips to help anyone who is starting to explore virtual events for themselves.


  1. Treat your virtual event as a TV broadcast and as such build a schedule/flow for the event which suits a TV format. 
  2. Make sure you incorporate interactive elements. 
  3. If your attendees are across the Globe consider time zones when scheduling your sessions.


My short video goes into these top tips in a more detail and if you need any help or advise, please do get in touch. I am very happy to share my learning’s with you. Good Luck!


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