Let me be honest with you…. I am REALLY good at all things events! 


Having spent over 20 years in the industry, I can flex my expertise depending what your brief requires. 


Strategy and direction

You need advice on your long term internal engagement strategy, delivering an effective change message, or how to bring your brand to life for consumers – I am your gal!


Content creation

It’s a magical process to idealise, develop and shape a campaign, or specific event from scratch and something I love doing.  Luckily, I am pragmatic and work hard to balance the creative thinking to the scope of a budget – I promise, you are in very safe hands here!   





My experience spans the full 360 cycle of event management.


From strategy, idea and content creation, communications, sponsorship, digital, branding, event production, AV, logistics, delegate management, venues, supplier management, artist relations, press activity and event ROI.


In this new world, I can work remotely, or alongside you, either on a consultancy basis, or taking ownership of the entire project completely.  


Whichever you prefer, I am a pretty determined character and will deliver with passion and pride, staying true to the brief throughout the journey.


I decided to Google the top 10 qualities which describe an ‘Event Manager’ and ‘Communications Specialist’ and was astonished to see it pretty much sums me up (told you I was good)! 


  • First class communicator and story teller
  • Flexibility
  • Energetic
  • Creative and innovative
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Good time management 
  • Passionate and enthusiastic
  • An awesome leader
  • Superior organisational skills
  • Tech savvy


I am proud to have worked for some of the biggest brands in the UK, to become an award winning seasoned events professional.